Those who Are?

History of  GyM

GyM Is born in Almería in 1986, thanks to the fruit of the work based in effort and sacrifice. It begins with some modest installations of 150 m2 with which, to base of dedication and commitment have turned into a warehouse of manufacture of machinery of more than 5000 m2 of surface.

The company characterises for being a familiar company from his starts, that thanks to an organisational culture has known to adapt to the coyunturas that has suffered the sector during these 3 decades, arriving to explain, in this moment, with a staff of 25 workers.




From the sale of utensilios for the agriculture in his starts, are to day of today, manufacturers of agricultural machinery with marks registered and certified from 16 years ago, designing our own products basing in investigation and experience, adapting to the rules, but especially to the needs of the client, turning into referent in the agricultural field.

By these reasons, at present have been appointed with the Trophy of Gold to the Technology and Quality (New MilleniumAward) by our path and business evolution.

With the need to give a direct deal and customised to the client arises in 1991, González López S.L., specialised in agricultural ironmongery with a surface of 500 m2 and conditioned for the storage of a big number of products demanded by our consumers.

Recently it establishes in 2010 a headquarters in Casablanca (Morocco) with the name of GyMMaroc S.To.R.L., giving a jump of quality and exposing all our resources in the Moroccan territory, opening new ways to continue being leading in technology devoted to the agriculture.