With the end to fulfil the objective maxima marked by the standards of quality,  GYM like manufacturers and distributors of machinery and agricultural products has concerned to implant a System of Management of quality that guarantee the excellence of his products.

The design and the implementation of the System of Management of Quality comes determined by the needs of the surroundings, the structure of organisation, the processes that employ and the aims to pursue.

The model of Management of Quality imposed governs by the norm ISO 9001: 2008. This International norm specifies the requirements for a system of Management of Quality that pretends to provide products that satisfy so much the legal requirements and the reglamentarios applicable, like the exigencias of the clients.

GYM Is accredited so that his teams are registered in  theOfficial Register of Agricultural Machinery (Rome),as it demands in the Royal decree 1013/2009, of 19 June, on characterisation and register of the agricultural machinery. For this end, the teams have been characterised as it defines by the Royal decree 2822/1998, of 20 December loaning special attention to the provision of operation and conditions of security.

To his time, in quality of manufacturers, possess the Certifications of Compliance of Production  issued by the Unit of Certification of the Car (UCA) that guarantee the methods of control of compliance of the production and that authorise them to the manufacture of vehicles of the categories Or1, Or2 and RA in base to the stipulated in the Annex X of the Directive Mark 2007/46/CE and Appendix 2 of the agreement And/ECE/324-And/ECE/TRANS/505/Rev2; Royal decree 750/2010.

The design and manufacture of the machine is according to the disposals of the directives of scheme, Managerial 2009/127/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council by which modifies the Directive 2006/42/CE regarding the machines for the application of plaguicidas. They adopt like norms of reference IN 292-1, IN 292-2, IN-1370, ect.

The Law 43/2002, OF 20 NOVEMBER, of vegetal health,  pretends on purpose, guarantee that the means of phytosanitary defence gather all the necessary conditions and establishes the relative basic disposals to the requirements that have to fulfil these means, to the rational use of the same attending, regarding the teams of application, so much to the instructions for use of the plaguicida used in each case as to the requirements of maintenance and tuned of said teams, to the official controls to verify the fulfillment of said disposals and to the instruments of necessary support for the realisation of the corresponding inspections.

By his part, the Directive 2009/128/CE, of 21 October, of the European Parliament and of the Council, by which establishes a Sustainable Use of the Plaguicidas, establishes determinate requirements of forced fulfillment in this matter. GYM Concerns that his teams respect the established by the valid rule fulfilling with the requirements  established in the compulsory Inspections in the teams of application of phytosanitary products