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The present, are the terms and conditions with which you (the User) and Wood González and Martínez S.L., they regulate the use and enjoy of the web of Wood González and Martínez S.L. Be user of the web, involves that Vd. It consents on purpose the present conditions and what derive of the applicable legal rule in this matter. If Vd. It does not agree with these conditions pray him that it do not continue using this web.



The web of Wood González and Martínez S.L. (From now on the web) has realised with aim merely informative for his users, that have of information that offers of free and accessible form for all the world without need to credit any amount in any moment of the access. It is on these surroundings especially, on which cual Wood González and Martínez S.L. It wishes to establish the present conditions and limitations of use, that extends and adds in all the complementary clauses and no contradictory to which can cover other parts of the subject web to general conditions and/or particular.

Even some “Particular Conditions” in the case to be necessary for concrete services. These last “Particular Conditions” will have to be put to disposal of the User of irrefutable form by any half and visadas of specific form by the User, before both parts consider them accepted and act in consequence.


The content and the information to which can access the user through the web, mainly by means of the searcher or inside the space reserved for users registered, are property of Wood González and Martínez S.L. Can visualise said information for personal uses, informative and no commercial. But it is forbidden to copy, distribute, execute, reproduce, licenciar, transfer or sell any type of information that extract of the web of Wood González and Martínez S.L. And especially of the searcher of users.

Wood González and Martínez S.L. It realises punctual changes in the information, inserting marks of water with technology of enciphered, that do not alter the content neither meaning of the same in degree any, but that allow the detection of illicit commercialisations of his database and the origin of said commercialisations, as well as the date and IP of extraction. Wood González and Martínez S.L. It will be able to test the illicit catchment of information and, therefore, will demand the penalties tipificadas in the penal code in this regard of the undue appropriation of databases.


The copyright and industrial, commercial marks, charts, images, logotypes, information and visible icons in the Web of Wood González and Martínez S.L. They are of exclusive property of Wood González and Martínez S.L. Or in his case of the entity or community that has authorised his inclusion. All the content and his format are protected by the laws in force of national and international field.
The use interested of any content that find in the Web of Wood González and Martínez S.L. It remains absolutely forbidden, unless it exist granting of a licence by writing.




Wood González and Martínez S.L. With CIF: B-04038428 and postal address: Place Guillén number Cañada of Saint Urbano. Telephone: 950 292521. And-mail:

Delegate of Data protection:

Datasur Data protection S.L.

Walk Jerónimo of Rueda s/n Edf. CIE Marcelino Camacho. 18195. Cúllar Vega. Granada

Tlf.- 958 958 230 And-mail:


In Wood González and Martínez S.L., we treat the information that facilitates us with the end to loan them the service requested. All the data requested are strictly necessary for the provision of the service, including the existence of possible decisions automated, not elaborating profiles in no case. His personal data go to be stored in the Register of Activities of Treatment, Forms of Contact Web. The proportionate data will conserve while it keep the commercial relation or during the necessary years to fulfil with the legal obligations. The data will not yield to third save in the cases in that it exist a legal obligation and for the provision of the services offered, like this was necessary to do it.

Equally it informs of the possibility of the access to the own information of the User by part of the Entities and professional prestadores of services, guaranteeing the maximum level of confidentiality already regulated. (The Entity has of all the relative information to these Entities and/or professional so that it can be consulted previous application).

You has right to obtain confirmation on if in Wood González and Martínez S.L. We are treating his personal data,  therefore has right to access to his personal data, rectificar the inaccurate data or request his supresión when the data no longer are necessary, as well as the right to the limitation or opposition to his treatment, portabilidad of his data and withdraw the consent accepted to the treatment of his data and even interpose claim in front of the Spanish Agency of Data protection.


Wood González and Martínez S.L. It does not do responsible of the damages and damages that produce by failures or bad configurations of the installed software in the computer of the User, failures in the transmission and defects of the manufacturer of software. This web is prepared by defect to be visualised in any type of browser and with any operating system. Wood González and Martínez S.L. It does not answer of the fault of visualisation of notable information that could produce in another type of possible combination of browsers and/or operating systems.

You is the only responsible of what suceda in his own Team, and will have to take the measures of suitable security to protect the information lodged in the same, to avoid losses or damages caused by downloads from the Web Concerning the information to which can access the user through the web, because of the different sources of obtaining of the same and his process of recording, Wood González and Martínez S.L. It does not guarantee the absolute correction of the same and thus the User will not be able to demand responsibility any by damages and damages derived of errors in the information supplied.


Wood González and Martínez S.L. It will be able to vary the present conditions anytime, although it is not intention that was frequent, publishing in this same page the dates of the modifications and going in in force of immediate form. If by legislative change or judicial resolution leaves to be applicable a part of the present conditions, said clauses will be cancelled, but the other will be perfectly valid and will remain in force. The fact to continue using ours Web involves that You accepts these conditions and engages to accept the modifications realised in the same, forcing to review this page with frequency. In case of not accepting these conditions, does not have to follow visiting the Web of Wood González and Martínez S.L.


The contents of Wood González and Martínez S.L. They do not have any political line neither supports any ideology or political group-social above another.