Fair of SIAM 2018, agro-industrial development in Morocco
30 April, 2018
Plan Renove would scheme agricultural 2018
9 August, 2018

Fair of OLIVO. Montoro 2018.

The XIX Fair of the Olivo of Montoro receives from yesterday more than 120 expositores of ten autonomous communities and of seven countries with the last novelties regarding the product and to the auxiliary machinery and teams related with the sector aceitero.

The inauguration of the fair was starred by the president of the Board of Andalucia, Susana Díaz, the one who affirmed that it is the second time that attends to an event «referent» and important for the region.

GyM Beside his distributor Manuel Quesada Notary participate in the event representing the machinery of the ranges GyM and Fujiyama